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Our Mission
Our MissionOur Mission

We strive to be two things: a provider and a partner.

As a provider to airport travelers, we want to be a friendly, inviting place where you can sit down, have a refreshing cup of coffee and a delicious, home-made pastry. We want our gleaming display cases to be a beacon for those people who are looking for a brief break before beginning or continuing their journey.

As a business partner, we want to give airports a proven, profitable alternative to standard airport fare. An alternative that adds, rather than detracts, from the airport’s overall visual appearance. We want to give airport management a quality establishment that employs highly capable, qualified staff that work hard to maintain the high standards we have established.

Guava & Java wants to be an active member of the entire airport community. We want to serve both our customers and our partners with exemplary service and unwavering dedication to going above and beyond the norm.

Our Mission
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